HAMASREK is a kosher boutique winery located in Beit-Meir, a lovely village in the Judean Hills near Jerusalem. As a result of the region's chilly weather and limestone soil, the grapes grown here burst with fruity flavors and unique aromas.

The Greengrass brothers whose families are the third generation to live in Beit Meir own the winery. Nachum Greengrass, the winemaker, was trained at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot, and in the Standards Institute.

They purchased the best equipment from the manufacturers in Italy that specialize in the production of equipment for boutique wineries that produce quality wines in small quantities.

They purchased the oak barrels from the leading barrel manufacturers in France. They set up a laboratory in the winery for testing the grapes from the time of their maturing on the vine until the final stages of the production of wine.

In order to ascertain that they obtain grapes of the highest quality, they decided at this stage not to plant a vineyard, but to sign agreements with grape growers in the Jerusalem area to raise grapes for the winery, while we retain the right to decide from which sections of the vineyard to harvest the grapes. The winery also retains the right not to harvest during the year of Shmita. 

The sections of the vineyard are selected even before the grapes mature, and the grape growers are instructed how to handle the vines so that the grapes received in the winery will be of the best quality. The number of clusters per vine is small, so that from each dun am we harvest about 1 ton of grapes, so as to get grapes rich in flavor and aroma.

They manage the production by themselves, beginning with the selection of the grapes through the bottling, thereby assuring world class wines that adhere to their high standards.




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